EQUIP Classes

Adult Christian Education
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Our EQUIP classes are designed to help adults systematically study and actively apply God’s truth to their lives

The classes cover a wide range of topics, from Marriage to Ethics, Church History to Systematic Theology, as well as classes on specific Bible books. We offer several classes each quarter taught by a variety of teachers, and you can jump into a class at any point.  

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:00 & 10:45 AM as we learn and grow together!

9am - Taught by Art Beauchene

A study in the book of Galatians. Why did the Apostle Paul write his letter to the Galatians? It was written to clarify and defend the Truth of the Gospel in the face of a false gospel. Next to the book of Romans, the letter to the Galatians is Paul's strongest doctrinal work. Because the general principles in this body of scripture are applicable to Christians in all ages, It will be profitable for our instruction and edification. It will help to equip us in defending the foundational truths of the faith and to discern false doctrine.

Evangelism 101 begins Sunday, April 21
9am - Taught by Lochlan Frederick

Have you ever wanted to share the good news of Jesus with someone but felt terrified and helpless? When it comes to Evangelism, or sharing the gospel, it can often feel like a giant cliff we are supposed to try and climb, regardless of whether or not we have the tools and equipment. The goal of this 5-6 week Equip class is to encourage, prepare, and give Christians the tools for sharing the gospel in any situation. We will examine why we share the gospel, what the gospel is, and what God's Word shows us on evangelism, in addition to practical ways to do evangelism that Christians have developed over the years.


Sharing Your Faith with Mormons began Sunday, April 14
10:45am - Taught by Phil Atkinson

Phil Atkinson (former LDS member) will teach an Equip Class on Mormonism. He will talk about Mormon church history, beliefs of the LDS church and give an in depth look into LDS doctrines, vocabulary and ideologies and compare them with Biblical scriptural perspectives. He will provide an inclusive booklet with answers to commonly asked questions and tips on ways to engage Mormons in a simple Biblical approach to a saving knowledge of salvation by grace.

John's Epistles (1,2,3 John) begins Sunday, April 28
10:45am - Taught by Dave Ashworth

Few books are more loved, memorized or quoted like 1 John and few scriptures are less taught and ignored like 2 and 3 John. In this study, John, the apostle, teaches us to know the Savior and love the saints. We will learn that we must tenaciously hold onto the Word of God and keep it close to us. Please join us in Equipping for a verse-by-verse look into these three wonderful letters from the beloved apostle.